Month: April 2020

Five Ways To Annoy Your Teacher In A Class Zoom Call

If you tap the screen during the Zoom call, you should see in the top right of your screen a more button. Tap the button and you should see somewhere on the list “choose virtual background”. Select something obnoxious. If you are using an iPad or iPhone shake it around […]

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5 Tips To Survive The Coronapocalypse

Quarantine is getting boring so lets have some fun… in a minute. Currently quarantine is fine for me and I’ve eaten way too many oranges. Like seriously dude, orange overload. Anyways quarantine is going good, and Covid-19 probably isn’t going to start the zombie apocalypse. but, what if it did? […]

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine Trailer Review

Rainbow six quarantine is a squad based tactical co-op game. not run and gun brainless Fortnite. Anyway, this is squads of three so you could play through the whole entire game with two of your friends. you will be seeing operators from siege. As you can see in the teaser […]

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