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Rainbow six quarantine is a squad based tactical co-op game. not run and gun brainless Fortnite. Anyway, this is squads of three so you could play through the whole entire game with two of your friends. you will be seeing operators from siege. As you can see in the teaser there is Ela, and Vigil.

Quarantine takes place in the distant future with a parasite that tries to kill the Rainbow six operators. So the ageing Rainbow six team are deployed into quarantine zones to save people from this unknown enemy. This game will most likely not be PVP because Siege is that. So think of this as the opposite of Siege PVE instead of PVP.

On Xbox 1 I estimate the price to be $60 to $100 so probably pretty pricey. Release date: Rainbow Six Quarantine will release between now and March 2021. there will be a beta soon on Xbox one, PC, and PS4.

This game sounds super cool and I’m looking forward to it I hope you are too!

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