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Untitled Goose Game game is fun. You could’ve never played a video game in your life and it would still be fun. Untitled Goose Game is a single player puzzle game. You play as as a goose and do goose things. There is objectives like: rake in lake, have a picnic, steal the man’s keys, and so on. So this game is very hard but very fun it is playable on Nintendo switch and PC so start annoying humans now!

Graphics: Three geese out of ten because it looks almost like Roblox levels of graphics which if you didn’t know, calling Roblox graphics good is like saying a computer made only out of cardboard and glue is good so yeah, the graphics are kind of bad but not Roblox levels of bad so its okay.

Gameplay: Eight honks out of ten, the gameplay is very fun and addicting and it makes me go “yes” when i finish that hard level so very big yes on the gameplay because yes.

Microtransactions: 10\10 because there is none

Pricing: 6\10 the pricing is worth how fun the game is

This game is fun and I hope this review convinced you to like it and, I think it is fun and worth trying.

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