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Quarantine is getting boring so lets have some fun… in a minute.

Currently quarantine is fine for me and I’ve eaten way too many oranges. Like seriously dude, orange overload. Anyways quarantine is going good, and Covid-19 probably isn’t going to start the zombie apocalypse. but, what if it did? would you be ready?

Picture this: You and your friends are in a house but food is running low. There is 15 people in the house and you all decide that six people should leave for food and you are one of them so, you must decide to split up or stay together would you: (1 go by yourself) (2 go in small groups of three) or (3 go together in one group of six.)

Answer: 2

Scenario 2: You and your group are gonna need some weaponry so,you go into the garage and you find: (1 baseball bat with nails)( 2 a rifle that is very loud and you could only find one bullet for it) (3 a whoopee cushion.)

Answer: 1

Scenario 3: You see a kid being chased by zombies what do you do? (1 try and save them) (2 get the froot loop outta there!)

Answer: 2

Scenario 4: You see a scary cave next to camp and you think you see some food there, what’s the plan? (1 get in there and get out) (2 set up camp in there) (3 don’t get anywhere near that place!)

Answer: 3

Scenario 5: You and your buddies finally found the jackpot, you guys found a warehouse full of canned beans but there is zombies everywhere! how is this gonna go down? (1 rush in like a madman) (2 go stealth)

Answer: 2


1 question right: first to die

2 questions right: the impatient one

3 questions right: the brains

4 questions right: the person who read too many books about zombies

5 questions right: the grumpy nomad

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